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There are many tales of cycle touring far off lands, whole continents and even the world, but a great tour can be as simple as an adventure from your front door. Follow Mel Nicholls on her summer cycle tour from Edinburgh to Lincolnshire.

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This summer James Forrest aka Mountain Man headed on a hiking and sailing trip where he explored the remote, wild and seldom-visited islands of the Inner Hebrides. We discovered what he got up to The long days of summer are the perfect time to get outside and explore some of the finest ridge walks that Scotland has to offer. Find more on GetOutside.

Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill. Beinn Eilideach. Goat Crag. Who knows what the consequences arising from such or what new links to be created between the language and other languages?

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Never raised any argument many people to the service is available. Google is aware, some observant for the truth, what is going on the internet and what languages??

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If that Highlanders on avoiding Scots Gaelic used online, I would bet that the new service today. I hope, will help the service to prevent other Google services, such as Chrome, try my Gaelic translation into German or Bheit-Namais.

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I also hope to raise this, in a small way but in a significant way, the reputation of the language online. Undoubtedly attack Google, one of the largest companies in history, to do more to use minority languages?? We see, or as the device, "we see".

We see indeed. With poetry having such a small readership anyway, does it make a difference?

There was a wide-ranging debate about this in Gaelic poetry 20 years ago. Will it be something that is better served — for reasons of imagery, music or even cultural politics — to be written in Gaelic alone? Do I want my non-Gaelic speaking friends, my partner, the majority of an audience at a reading to be able to understand it?

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Are these even things that should be considered in the writing process? I have no answers and so I cop out, and let each poem choose for itself. Some appear in Gaelic alone, some in English, and some chatter and carp back-and-forth between languages across the gutter of the book.