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The Bonkers Netflix Christmas Movie You Missed While Obsessing Over 'A Christmas Prince'

Oh, these two!! The man is of course the ghost of the inn, Daniel.

He shows up at the inn every December 13th, and goes back to being a ghost when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve because of a curse. Also — this was my face when they said Daniel was only corporeal for 12 days:. The guy playing the caretaker is creeping me out. Apart from his terrible acting and molasses-slow line reading, he also stands really close to Kate in all of their scenes. Let those sweater-puppies breathe. She nags him until he confesses he was a bootlegger back in his time, and was coming back to the inn from a rum-running trip in Montreal when he caught his fiancee Lily swapping spit with his hateful brother.

His body was just found in the woods, along with a couple of Hustlers and empty wine coolers. To the crawlspace! Ahahahaha look at Kate.

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She definitely just beefed. Mittens can smell it. Daniel, who up until now has been bitching non-stop about all the people ruining his season of solitude is very excited to entertain an inn full of randos. He mixes drinks and acts superior to everyone and has a rather great time until Mittens gets lubed up and starts gossiping about Daniel right in front of him. Daniel is upset. Kate decides to rub salt in his wounds and tells him since he lied to Lily about his bootlegging, he basically killed her himself. Get the fuck out tomorrow. Sad Daniel walks around the inn by himself at night where he catches a glimpse of Lily giggling at him.

When she gets back she gets locked in a room and told to go away by a fuzzy black shape that scares the shit out of her:. Daniel opens the door and saves her life, I guess.

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  6. Good gravy, the haunted hijinks! While Kate is back in the real world, the caretaker hangs back to get advice from Daniel on how to woo Mittens. I tried to shield you from it, I really did. Daniel realizes an eternity in the hotel with this weirdo might be a fate worse than death and so calls the appraiser himself to get the hotel looked at. Yippee, your cheating fiancee still put your name down, so maybe rest in peace?


    Not before the Christmas Eve dance that must be shoehorned into all of these movies! Because of the Jesus-magic of Christmas or whatever, during the dance Daniel gets a glimpse at how things unfolded on that night so many years ago. Then maybe I force your head a little lower? He did it because Daniel was trying to get out of the bootlegging game, and like — Eyebrows would have to get a new bootleg buddy or something?

    Daniel confronts him and tells him he forgives him, so his spirit is no longer trapped at the inn and so he can go to hell, already.