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Prepare yourself and your family When cruising miles off shore in the ocean it is better to be safe than sorry.

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If you are a first time whale watcher, you may want to consider motion sickness medications. These can usually be found in most convenience or drug stores. Prescription medications are also available through your doctor. Talk with your doctor to determine what might work best for you. Most medications must be taken a few hours prior to the trip. Be sure to check the label.

Once your trip begins, it is too late to take anything. A good breakfast is key! Very often people will go on their first whale watch fearing they may get sick. They will skip breakfast thinking that no food in their stomach means they won't get sick. In fact, the opposite is true.

An empty stomach produces acids and, in turn, can actually make you sick. Eat a good carbohydrate breakfast.

This includes things like bagels and cereal. Avoid fatty or fried foods. Keep munching on light snacks like crackers or ginger snaps during the trip! This reduces stomach acid build up and can prevent sea sickness. Don't get dehydrated!

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When on the ocean it is recommended that you keep hydrated by drinking water, ginger ale, tea or even sports drinks. Avoid drinks that are high in sugars. Most boat companies will allow you to bring your own food and beverage on board. However, glass bottles and alcoholic beverages are usually not permitted on board. Check with the company beforehand.

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Keep Warm! It is always colder on the ocean than on land. Dress in layers and bring extra clothes. Sometimes on choppy days people can get wet and chilled. Don't forget the sunblock! Water reflects and magnifies the sun rays. Without protection, you can get severely sunburned during a hour trip. Also, be sure to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare on the water. A few helpful hints if you start to feel queasy Remember sea sickness can sometimes be stopped if caught in time. Stay outside. The fresh air helps a lot. Take some nice deep breaths.

Sometimes this is all that it takes. Go to the lowest deck. The closer you are to the water, the less motion is felt. Nibble on crackers and sip on ginger ale. It can really help to have something in your stomach. Look at the horizon. Looking at something that is not moving helps the equilibrium. Start looking for whales and other animals.

This keeps your mind occupied. The excitement of seeing these beautiful, magnificent creatures is enough to make anyone feel better.

Whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and birds can usually be seen at anytime during a trip. You never know what you can see until you really start looking. Save Avatar Randomize. Starfish facts! Find out all about these incredible invertebrates! Seahorse facts! Grab your snorkels and join us as we get up close to these colourful critters…. This website uses cookies not edible ones! Cookies are small files that we send to your computer or mobile phone to make your time on our websites as awesome as possible. We hope this is okay but if not, you can opt-out using the button below.

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The twisted viral challenge, which encourages participants to kill themselves, appears to have hit UK schools. According to one online security expert, schoolchildren as young as seven years-old have heard about the infamous Blue Whale Game. Tasks are dolled-out by an anonymous administrator and participants are required to submit photo evidence each day to prove the challenge was completed.

As the tasks become more extreme over the 50 day period, some group administrators have encouraged members to self-harm — with some scoring the shape of a whale into the skin on their forearm. Online child protection specialist Jonathan Taylor has told Sky News that children in Year 3 in the UK education system have heard about the infamous challenge. When I asked who else had heard about this you had 20 hands go up.

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The vast majority of reported fatalities have been reported in Russia, however incidents linked to the Blue Whale Game have also surfaced in Ukraine, Estonia, Kenya, Brazil and Argentina. As the sick trend has spread, Instagram has now rolled-out a warning to anyone who searches the social network for posts tagged as Blue Whale.